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I am not sure exactly why most people these days seem to minimize the importance of interpersonal skills and group dynamics. This is especially true when many jobs let people work from home or telecommute. The funny thing is that these skills are even more important when this is the case. I am sure that you have read that when people interact a major component of their communication occurs in the form of their body language. Well in a work at home  environment this major component is missing. This means that we need to work harder at communicating our ideas to our co-workers and business associates using other manners of communication.

Think of how you communicate now with your friends, co-workers, managers, and staff.  We email, telephone, and more recently use video conference technology. We use skype, viber, and tango on our smartphones. We post to Facebook and tweet on Twitter. We podcast and we blog. We have lots of ways of communicating but they all do so without the added help of three dimensional  body language.

Interpersonal skills and the art of communication where ideas are clearly conveyed to others is more important now then ever before. Our ability to manage people and projects and function in groups become much more challenging when this interaction is being done remotely.

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