Personal Interests

personal interests

As one of the ELITE members of our team we are expecting you to be able to effectively promote websites on what may become a large number of totally unrelated topics.  To have someone that is limited to one or two topics or subjects of interest means we would have to employ are much larger number of staff to handle all our writing needs. This becomes both impractical and expensive. We know there are people that will not be comfortable discussing certain subjects and that is fine. We do however want to make sure that the people we hire are broad minded and capable of working on many different subject areas.

Please use the form below to tell us what your interests are. You will also be able to identify for us those subjects that you really are not comfortable working with and tend to avoid. It is OK to list those subjects as we know not every one is able or willing to work on every subject area. If we hire you we want to make sure we get you working on the topics that you enjoy and we will have others in the team to look after the subjects that you stay away from.

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As soon as we get the information uploaded to our HR database we will continue our review.

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