Project Management Skills


Project Tracking

There is one skill that is essential to every position or job function within our team and that is their ability to manage multiple projects at the same time. I can guarantee that if you join our team you will find yourself working on many different projects at once and your skills as a project manager will be tested to the max. As an engineer I have managed many different types of projects over the years. I have built and renovated grocery stores, completed company mergers, designed websites, installed new systems and technology in manufacturing operations to name just a few. I can not remember a single incident where my prospective employer forgot to ask me about my ability to manage multiple projects and track deadlines, etc.

We are in a very complex market. Our group of companies all have project deadlines and marketing objectives and our ELITE team members are going to be working for the entire group. It only makes sense to assume that there may be conflicting deadlines and due dates and these will all have to be managed. What we want to know here is how you will manage them?

Please use the form below to give us an idea how you manage multiple projects and how you keep track of and maintain project deadlines.

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In this pre-interview process we need to focus on both your technical skills and your project management skills.  We will look forward to reviewing your submission.

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