Return On Investment

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I am betting that this next set of questions will take you out of your “Comfort Zone” and make you think a little bit. I will however give you a bit of incite into where this is coming from. You see my background is in Industrial Engineering. I am paid by companies to figure out ways of saving them money or making them more efficient.  I got paid a great deal of money to do this. Due to the nature of this type of work I was most often hired as a consultant or as an independent contractor. It was because of this that I was often asked by my potential customers what sort of return I could give them if they invested in my services.  Well my answer then was that I would save them a minimum of ten times what they paid me and I did not consider myself to be successful in my role unless I met or preferably exceeded this target.

Now I realize that the position you are applying for is not one that will re-engineer a factory but I do believe the same Return-On-Investment question does apply. We will be very interested in reading the answers you have to this specific set of questions.

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