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Lionel's family photo
Lionel’s family photo


Welcome!  My name is Lionel and I am your host here at Kawartha Cottage Rentals.

In many respects my story is not unique. I am 52 years old, born and raised in Canada. I am the eldest of thee children. My dad is a business man and my mom a retired teacher. I have two younger sisters, one is a social worker and the other is a journalist, TV producer and gardener.

My story does get a bit unusual in that at age nineteen I got very sick with a condition called Aplastic Anemia. The cure at that time was a new little known procedure called a bone marrow transplant, a treatment that was originally pioneered as a cure for Leukemia. The donor of the bone marrow was one of my two sisters. I was very fortunate. The doctors at the Princess Margaret Hospital were fantastic and after a very difficult five year period I was fully recovered with just a series of medication that I was gradually weaned off of over the next few years.

I have been told two differing stories about the quality of the genetic match of my bone marrow to that of my sisters. One story has it that it was a 50/50 match meaning that only half of the indicators that they use to match donors had been met thus implying I had only a 50% chance of survival. I was later told that that the genetic match was almost 100% in that only one indicator was not a genetic match and so my chances of survival were excellent. I do not know which story is accurate but either way you slice it.. I am happy about the outcome. The alternative was really not so good!

I discovered the Landing community in 2009 when my friends uncle was working on helping the developer actually build the place. I came up to visit the site and fell in love with it almost instantly. I was used to spending time on Lake Simcoe in my childhood with my maternal grand parents. I loved spending my time with them on the lake but it was a very busy lake. Quite often we would find boats anchored about 200′ off the end of our dock. So much for privacy! The Lake was very busy and quite polluted. Anstruther Lake on the other hand is pristine. It was clean, quite and not over populated. You can actually drink the water and eat the fish right from the lake.

The community is set right in the middle of a national park so there is no worry that it will be over populated in the future.  The wildlife in the park is beautiful. I can walk out my front porch and watch a moose or dear run across our lawn. The forest is amazing. I was hooked and there was no other way for me to describe it. I got my first unit right after my visit and I bought the others over time after construction was completed. Over that last 4 years or so I have managed to entertain quite a large number of guests as they rent the properties and enjoy the area just as much as I do myself.

I have been fortunate. My work provided me with an opportunity to travel the world and see some very interesting and exotic places. I have seen much of this great country of Canada which I so proudly call my home. I have visited the United States , Asia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East, to name just a few.   It was during my travels that I had the opportunity to go to the Philippines and do a bit of site seeing and vacationing. To my amazement I happened upon the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon. This woman’s name is Leonor and in December of 2012 I was lucky enough to take this most amazing woman as my wife. I also got a free bonus out of the deal too. I am now a dad to a ten year old young lady that I now refer to as my Little Boss! If I was any happier these days I would have to be twins.

Well of all the places I have seen, this little community called “The Landing” is still on the very top of my list as the best place on earth to be. My wife and daughter will soon join me in Canada once Canadian Immigration has authorized their Permanent Resident Visa and then they too will get to experience “The Landing” and the wonders of this beautiful area.

I hope you will join my family and I at The Landing so that you can admire its beauty and tranquility and enjoy all the fun that our little community has to offer.

If you really want to know more about me and my family you are welcome to check out my personal website at” http://www.lionelwayne.com.  I have photos of my wedding on the Philippines and all sorts of other info on my family and our adventures together. You are also welcome to check out some of my social media profiles as well.

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Live Long, Prosper Greatly and Enjoy Life,