Security Deposit


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All contracts paid by credit card no longer require the advance charge of a security deposit.




Payments that are made in cash or by bank wire do require a security deposit to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.

“Security / Damage Deposit” will be returned in full, after reconciling any direct and indirect related expenses (Phone, Propane, Clean-up, Garbage, etc.) and subject to no loss or damage having occurred during the contracted rental period.

The security deposit is held for 5-8 days, or where applicable, until phone bills/pay per view bills have cleared. All or part of the security deposit may be used to cover the costs of  any breakage or damage, long distance or pay per view charges or for any incidents of non-compliance with the rental contract (which may include administrative fees, cleaning costs, and the cost of any repairs).

Renter(s) agree to be responsible for, and reimburse the Owner(s), in full, within 90 days, for any and all repairs to damage, even that which exceeds the Security/Damage Deposit.