Garbage And Recycling

Garbage Bin
Garbage Bin

Tenants shall be responsible for placing their debris, refuse, and garbage in the bins located on the driveway just to the right by the lake as you enter the complex.

All garbage must be in a green (or other colour) garbage bag and must be securely tied. No loose garbage, bundled garbage or garbage in corrugated boxes, or small plastic shopping bags is allowed in these bins.

Township garbage pickup is provided on Monday morning prior to 7:00 AM. Please Note that garbage should not be put out Sunday night as animals may be attracted to it.

Recycling will be picked up at the same time. The recycle bins will be emptied and left on the walkway.

Tenants are encouraged to dispose of their waste and recycling at the dump located about on Anstruther lake road about midway between the Landing complex and HWY #28. The dump hours are clearly posted on the gate of the waste transfer site.

Garbage (including bottles) left for disposal by the owner, will trigger a disposal fee of $100. Garbage and other foods can and will attract animals such as bear, raccoons, mice, etc. Garbage and food must be sealed to reduce odours, and stowed in “locked down” areas until properly disposed of in a regulated provincial dump.

The Renter(s) shall be responsible for any repairs required due to damage relating to the furrowing of animals for food due to improperly stored material.